In BetriPensjón, the savings are interested with market interest rates. Statistics show that in the long run, it is beneficial to invest the savings in securities. 

Havnar Arbeiðarafelag has made an investment plan in collaboration with BetriPensjón, where age and risk appetite determine the ratio between investments in stocks and bond securities.

Stocks generally fluctuate the most, while bonds provide stability. 

Initially, a larger portion of the savings is invested in stocks. As you age and the accumulated savings increase, the risk is reduced by allocating a larger portion to bond securities. 

All members of Havnar Arbeiðarafelag are automatically enrolled in the investment category "Varið váðastøði" (Risk-Adjusted Portfolio). 

If "Varið váðastøði" does not meet your needs, you have the option to choose among these investment categories: 

  • Bond securities only
  • Varið váðastøði - automatic, if no other choice is made
  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk
  • Stocks only

If you wish to change your risk category, contact BetriPensjón and fill out the "Investment Agreement" form

These are the risk categories.