The Union

The Union

Havnar Arbeiðarafelag is the trade union of workers in Tórshavn.

As a member of Havnar Arbeiðarafelag, you become part of a community with various benefits and services. The office is open every weekday and is available to answer questions or address any concerns.

The union emphasises supporting you and your family. Amongst other things, the union has secured all members with insurance and pension so that they do not need to worry about difficult circumstances in the future. 

As a member, you are part of a large collective with significant power and have access to many contractual rights that the union has obtained. 

We offer free legal assistance if you experience any injustices in the labour market. Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, a lawyer is available to answer your questions on phone no. 597978. 

Havnar Arbeiðarafelag regularly organises courses for representatives, committee members, and other interested individuals, and we support you during strikes or work disputes.

You can visit the office and speak with our staff if you need direct assistance.